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Miershoop Swimming School offers swimming lessons for babies, children, and adults from all skill levels, beginner to advanced, we also offer Water Aerobics.

What Our Families Say

Our son always had a fear of water. Within 1 month from visiting Miershoop Swimming School, our son has overcome all his fears of water. The transformation from a fear-stricken child to one that sees swimming now as one of his favourite past time activities was an emotional and rewarding experience, something that was purely the result of ?Mitchu and her team at Miershoop Swimming School.?


What Our Families Say

It is a great pleasure to have an opportunity to write of our very pleasant experience with Miershoop swimming school. From a very young age, as parents of Neo, we have seen potential in our little girl, when she used to swim in the bathtub at the age of 2 years we?ve decide to take her for a?swimming?lessons. We didn?t want any school because to others it?s just business, but we wanted a school where our kid will feel safe, loved and learn to swim. Mitchu/Owner & her team does that, and her teaching skills are amazing. Furthermore, her personality is enchanting and especially to our little kid who needs a more personal approach. She is always cheerful and encouraging her. She listens to our kids and us as parents.

From the age of two till now, we have seen and a lot of improvement, Our daughter can swim across the pool on her own and can do ?the floatation techniques. Our daughter is always looking forward to go to swimming school every week. We would like to thank Mitchu and the entire Miershoop swimming school staff.


What Our Families Say

My 4-year-old daughter, Arya was so scared of even getting into the water and she cried and whimpered most of the lesson. She would cling fast to you and wouldn?t swim by herself without some kind of ?floaties? and had a huge issue with going underwater or getting water in her ears (washing hair was a nightmare). Well in just 3 months she collects the rings underwater and can jump in from the side of the pool and has swum by herself without any aid and washing hair is now a breeze. Now she loves swimming and looks forward to every lesson. Will never forget that image of seeing her swim by herself for the first time. So amazing how she progressed in such a short period. I am so grateful that God showed me to Miershoop.


Swimming School

Learn 2 Swim Love 2 Swim
We are a Swim School based in Rooihuiskraal, Centurion. Our pool is enclosed and the water is lovely and warm (between 29°C– 32°C) so with us, summer never ends!

We here at Miershoop Swimming School have worked hard to establish our brand as being synonymous with great service and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. All our teachers are qualified instructors with a passion for teaching swimming in a fun and loving environment.

Whether you are looking for lessons for your Babies, Learn-to-Swim (2-12) for your little ones, or Stroke Development for your budding champions, we are here to help.

Babies Swimming

(Age 6 months 24 months)

Miershoop Swimming School’s approach to baby swimming is to gently introduce your baby to the water and we learn through play and fun. In essence, we teach your baby to swim, in the same way, that you teach them to walk and talk. This is a gentle and holistic approach where every baby is treated as an individual and taught at their own pace.

We do not force any babies to do anything. Instead, we use songs and games to encourage them to learn from us. Classes are a wonderful bonding experience for parents and babies. It also aids in making the transition into learn-to-swim lessons so much easier and less traumatic for your little one.

Our Baby swimming lessons are 30 min long and are conducted in a group format of up to 6 babies and parents.

Our Learn-to-Swim lessons are 30min and conducted in a group format. From years of experience, we have learned that children progress quicker when they swim in a group, but if you feel your child would benefit from 1on1 lessons we can discuss this option.

Learn To Swim

We believe that teaching your child the life skill of swimming should never be an option. Accidents around water happen so quickly and without warning. Learning to swim is not just about swimming but also learning how to save your own life.

Our teachers are empathetic, caring, and friendly that will never force your child to do things they are not ready for. Swimming should ALWAYS be fun! Instead, we use the magic power of persuasion (and a lot of praise!) to encourage swimmers to step out of their comfort zone.

Our Learn-to-Swim lessons are 30min and conducted in a group of 4 formats. From years of experience, we have learned that children progress quicker when they swim in a group, but if you feel your child would benefit from 1on1 lessons we can discuss this option.

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